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Still Spinning on Turntables Worldwide - UK's Cuban Pete x Falling Down '5 Pointz

Cuban Pete enlists Falling Down for his new MC/Producer collaborative EP titled ‘5 Pointz.’  The 5-track project also features Graveyard Shifter, Karnage Cashman, and B. Dvine with classic cuts and scratches by DJ Erex.
Bar for bar the UK-based wordsmith delivers aggressive truths about the art and culture of Hip-Hop versus the copy and paste, one hit wonders who continuously reach for shortcuts and handouts for any smidgen of relevancy.
“Insta” sets the EP off with sounds of trains that transcend into soulful melodies and clapping drums. Pete steps in to address the nation on his mission to put the art of music and Hip-Hop first while calling rebuking sellouts along the way. “Dondi”, the leading single, is a harder track that addresses the cruciality of longevity without compromising one’s integrity. Pete points out mediocre rappers more concerned with likes than substance.
“Henry Chalfant” is driven by captivating piano keys as Pete’s picturesque wordplay embodies the harsh reality of pressing societal issues that mimic graffiti walls. In “Futura” Pete displays brilliant storytelling over riveting cadences and classic DJ cuts. His timeline depicts his journey into the music scene, the challenges along the way, and his gratitude for both. “Seen” wraps up the EP with catchy, head-nodding tones, DJ Erex showing off his skills, and Pete dropping lyrical lectures from his book of hard-knock success! 
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