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In case you missed it - Level 13 Presents "Skunk Class A" x TMB Ft. T’ La Shawn, Big Wiz, & Skrewtape

Level 13, highly acclaimed producer to both indie and major artists, links with DJ TMB and elite emcees La Shawn, Big Wiz, and Skrewtape for new head nodding, yet atmospheric music. “Skunk Class A” is a must for sparking up, lighting L’s, and blazing. The intro prepares listeners for the hypnotic state of Hip Hop they are about to enter. The record depicts natural elements of Hip Hop from classic cuts and scratches, to metaphoric wordplay, and of course the perfect blend of knocking bass and soulful cadences. Sort through your top tier of haze while you take heed to the triple threat’s message; they are plugged in and invested so come correct.

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