J.Lamotta - Can't Refuse | New Single & Video + EP

The new EP’s 1st single Can't Refuse marks the new direction the artist J.Lamotta is going for: while soulful R&B vocal harmonies remain, hard hitting hiphop-drums drive the song forward bringing a new energy to her music accompanied by lyrics reflecting on relationships and sexuality and a music video with J.Lamotta's signature aesthetic at the forefront, “Can’t Refuse” gives an exciting and impressive first taste of the whole Brand New Choice” EP and what to expect from it...  


J.Lamotta has gone from strength to strength since her 2019 sophomore album “Suzume”, garnering support from the international music community and touring across Europe and Asia, incl. the iconic Blue Note Tokyo. Now she’s back with her brand new EP entitled “Brand New Choice” moving on from the organic sound of the very successful retro band album “Suzume”, the new EP shows fresh flavors in her music and contains contributions from a variety of producers. Its futuristic R&B sound is achieved through extensive use of synths and up-to-date rhythms and makes it Lamotta’s most contemporary release so far.

And while the singer/producer’s previous releases already focused on lyrics and personal delivery “Brand New Choice” follows a similar path but goes even deeper and gets more personal than ever - revealing a liberal, independent and robust thinker using her music to express not only the artist J.Lamotta but the person Rotem Alagem too.

The very tasteful artwork just like the whole visual conception of the record comes from J.Lamotta’s befriended and also Berlin based designer Gabriella Achandinha.


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