Yung Jeb

Jeb Bennett, aka Yung Jeb, born April 11th 1996 in Salisbury, North Carolina. He grew up in a family with great musical taste; with likes of the Gap Band, Earth Wind & Fire, Hall and Oates and more. He credits his unique style to cartoons of the 90’s, such as Rocket Power, Hey Arnold!, and sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Moving around due to family employment helped him see many different cultures and styles, allowing him to mold many styles into his own. Yung Jeb found his passion for making music in high school when he started watching MTVs music videos. He then started a small rap group, which shortly faded due to academics and sports. After high school, Yung Jeb attended Catawba College, where he enjoyed partying the most. He then found his potential in performing in front of crowds while free styling for all the people at parties. He released a couple of singles drawing attention from college students in the Charlotte area, especially females. After graduation, Yung Jeb quickly realized rapping was not paying the bills, so he started working and put music on the back burner. After a year and some months , the burning desire to make music was stronger than ever. Jumping from studio to studio , trying to find a home, Yung Jeb was introduced to a producer, known as Cypgothitz. Located in Columbia, South Carolina, the two have uniquely created a sound for Yung Jeb, that cannot be duplicated. Yung Jeb is currently working on releasing his first official single “Never Knew”, which is expected to be released in the near future.