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Toronto's Rich Lindo Premieres "I Got It" Single & Lyric Video

Rich Lindo, the founder of Black Lion Productions, is a highly reputable artist based in Canada with a worldwide expanding fan base. Upon launching his career in 2015, Lindo’s fruition has been nothing short of a steadfast climb with a growing resume. Following the overwhelming success of his recently released EP ‘Black Lion: The Summer Jam’ and it’s leading single “Survive” (surpassing 85K streams on Spotify alone), Lindo releases his new single “I Got It”, as well as gearing up for some major 2020 projects.
“I Got It” is the perfect blend of classic and new sounds heightened by heavy bass and clapping drums to entice listeners in. Through intricate wordplay, Lindo depicts his ground zero come up while declaring a stance to never give up. He mentions how others in life are out of touch with themselves. While they waste their time clout chasing, Lindo continues to stand tall paving the way for young Lions.

This empowering tale comes at an ideal time in life when the world is brewing with agonizing fear and uncertainties. Watch the lyric video to fully embrace Lindo’s flow while it wakens your mind and soul. 
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